Good hacks? Bad hacks? How do you know the difference? Coach Tara and Coach Nikki help sort this out by sharing three of their favorite hacks for optimal vocal health. These hacks, however, are not meant to be one-and-done attempts. To reap the real benefits, do them consistently for one week so you can feel and hear the difference in your voice.

#1 – Diet

“I don’t eat burgers and french fries every day, so that’s good enough right?”

If you’re not eating raw, uncooked foods like fruits and vegetables, you’re not optimally hydrating your voice. Most people think drinking water is a great way to hydrate the voice, and it is. The problem is they grossly overestimate the amount of water they consume. Because of this, it’s best to compound your water intake by eating your water through foods like cucumbers, cruciferous vegetables, strawberries, and grapes.

#2 – Sleep

Just like athletes who need to rest and do ice baths after rigorous training, your voice is a muscle that requires rest as well. 

Restoration and regeneration is a necessity. And it’s not just some rest, it’s enough rest. The best sleep time is 90 minutes prior to midnight. That is when the most rejuvenation and restoration occurs on a cellular level in your body.

#3 – Melon Water

Fun fact: the molecules of any type of melon water are larger than the molecules of regular H2O. Therefore, due its larger molecular size, melon water provides greater hydration by staying in the vocal tract longer. 

A caveat to melon consumption is it needs to be eaten at least four hours prior to a performance in order to reap the hydration benefits on an internal cellular level. Anything consumed the moment of won’t have any real impact, except for maybe a placebo effect on the brain.

Bonus Pro Tip: Consume melon 24 hours prior, followed by a good sleep cycle for ultimate vocal preparation.

While hacks can often be questionable, following these three tips will surely have you well on your way for peak vocal performance.

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