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Loren Lott answers:

What is one of your biggest vocal issues you work with Tara on?

Sharian Lott answers:

How did you choose who to trust with your child?

We have just started with Tara but we can already tell Tara has a gifted voice and a gift for teaching children. She is patient and really keeps by daughter focused. We highly recommend her!

Allison W.

I don’t think that Tara will ever understand how much she has changed my life and the confidence she has given me. She believes in me so much and shes helping my career so much. So thankful for Tara Simon Studios. She is my big sis, my pageant coach, my mom on set, my acting coach, and most of all MY VOCAL COACH!

Loren L.

Tara Simon Studios has been great. Tara and I had a lengthy conversation about her services and the needs of my daughter. She has been in lessons for 3 weeks now and is loving it!

Stephanie G.

Don’t let Tara’s beauty and youth fool you, Tara definitely knows her stuff! She is well-rounded and able to help in not just one area, like voice. She has helped my child tremendously improve her piano and acting. I feel she has helped my child know so many secrets of how to do things better and with professionalism. She is kind, patient, loving, and encouraging, a quality you don’t find in many teachers. She has instilled confidence in my child and allows my daughter to work within her talents and encourages her to do those things she likes (picking her own music choice for piano, for example), while still helping my child learn the basics and the theory necessary to keep growing in her skill. I recommend her highly if your child wants to learn and grown in acting, piano, composition, or voice

Haley B

Whether by luck or destiny, we found Tara not long after she began teaching. The time and experience for my daughter with Tara was amazing and priceless. She learned skills that will be with her forever. In fact, the only reason we are not taking lessons with her now is that we live too far away, however if that changes, we will be contacting Tara Simon immediately to resume where we left off!

Evelyn H.

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