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Our industry professionals are personally and extensively trained by Tara and dedicated to making sure you reach your artistic potential.



Tara Simon

Vocal | Intermediate Piano | Songwriting | Artist Development

Emma Bogren

Vocal | Piano 

TJ Wachter

Vocal | Piano 

vocal coach nikki

Nikki Hollins

Vocal | Piano | Songwriting

Sing Like a Superstar

Join Our 8-Week Vocal Course

Do you get frustrated with creating power in your high notes or expanding your vocal range? Do you dream of being able to hit all the high notes with power? Then our 8-Week Vocal Course is for you!

At Tara Simon Studios, we offer an 8-Week Vocal Course called Sing Like a Superstar, tailored to help you build and nurture a powerful and healthy voice that gives you the confidence to boldly touch the hearts and lives of others with the beautiful gift you have.


Join Our 4-Week Vocal Course

This is the skill that SETS YOU APART so you can:

Land the lead roles
Get the solos
Earn the PAID GIGS!
Blow everyone’s mind!

Riffs and runs are the vocal magic that draws listeners in and makes them want more!


InstaReaction of your performance

Do you wonder if you have true talent, or any talent at all? Are you unsure of where you stand vocally?

Are you searching for ways to stand out as a singer?

Get an honest reaction and assessment of where you stand vocally, and how to improve your voice from celebrity vocal coach Tara Simon and her team!


Tara Simon Studios is a performing arts studio in Atlanta, GA, offering voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and more, for singers, actors, and musicians alike. Our professional coaches are active in the industry, devoted to helping you reach your full artistic potential.

At Tara Simon Studios, you’ll learn how to improve every aspect of your artistic ability from well-rounded, business savvy, working professionals. With our one-on-one training and private lessons at our singing studio in Atlanta, you’ll receive the direction you need to transform your unique talents into a rewarding career.

We offer vocal lessons and piano lessons for all ages and experience levels, from professional singers to beginners, and our coaching mechanics are highly sought-after. Whether you’re looking to increase your vocal range, channel your inner classical pianist, or take tips from an experienced vocal coach, we have the education and tools to tailor your training to your specific goals.

Take Your Talent to the Next Level

We Offer Several Training Programs

• Voice Lessons
• Piano Lessons
• Online Lessons
• In-Person Lessons
• Songwriting Lessons
• Acting Lessons
• Artistic Development
• Audition Preparation
• 8-Week Vocal Course
• Full-Service Recording Studio on Site


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