Sound Lounge: Professional Recording Studio in Atlanta, GA

At Tara Simon Studios, you have the opportunity to experience our full-service professional recording studio, the Sound Lounge. At the Sound Lounge, our goal is to provide you with the best recording experience and the highest quality outcome. Music is our passion and we’re here to help you get the right sound. Take your dream further at our recording studio.

Our professional recording studio includes:

• High-quality recording
• Professional mixing
• Pristine mastering
• Hit songwriting
• Music production
• Audio postproduction
• High-end equipment
• Experienced coaches
• Vocal booth
• Private lounge
• Internet access

Record Original Music

Do you have the next big hit on your hands? Let us help you bring it to life. At Tara Simon Studios, we don’t only provide direction for aspiring singers, but we also help to breathe life into your music from the ground up. We love providing quality and originality in our work, and we know you will too.

Cover Songs

If you’ve had a favorite song you’ve always wanted to cover, now is your chance. Record your cover song at the Sound Lounge and leave with an awesome recording you’ll be proud to share! This opportunity is perfect for those who have no experience with vocal booths and want to get their feet wet. You can create a finished product of a song you’ve been working hard to master.


Whether you’re a voice-over artist in need of a reel or you’re simply learning about voice-over work and seeking to gain experience and training in a professional vocal booth, we can help. Let our vocal coaches in Atlanta show you how you can hone your craft and create a final product that will get you working.

Not sure you have what it takes?

The biggest and greatest stars have put in the hard work to train their voices to become the beautiful ones they have today. You can chase your dreams by taking the right road to get there! Do you need singing tips, or are you still learning how to properly sing from your diaphragm? At Tara Simon Studios, you can choose from a range of classes to help you excel in your craft. Book online voice lessons and even a songwriting session with one of our industry coaches for guidance, peace of mind, and confidence before diving into the creation of your masterpiece.

We love what we do, and we know you will, too! Contact our coaches to chase your dream today.

guitar and paper


In the music business, everything starts with a song. Without great songs, there is no music business. Songwriting is not just an artistic expression; it is the axis upon which the music business rotates. What makes a hit song? Your coach at TSS will teach you “hit song form” among other songwriting form options to best suit your genre of preference.  You will also learn rhyming patterns, how to “pre pro” your song, how to find the best BPM and key and how to attain the perfect reference tracks. 

Think of our songwriting process as a collaborative effort. Your coach can be more hands on and co-write with you, or a little more hands off and act as more of a sounding board to advise you and keep you on the right track. 

The choice is yours and it can change from song to song.  When your song is complete, our songwriters have the option to breathe life into the song by recording it into a radio ready quality piece of work that is ready for public release. 

There is nothing more magical than hearing something you wrote being played out loud when it came from just an idea in your head.

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