Celebrity Vocal Coach Shows You the “Missing Link” on How to Expand Your Range, Perfect Pitch Accuracy, & Belt With Power In a Matter of Weeks…Whether You’re New or Consider Yourself An Expert.

Discover how you can stop singing flat, belt louder, and find your unique voice in as little as 8 weeks…

You Don’t Have To Be Born A Singer To Be One. 

Here’s a secret…

You don’t HAVE to be born a singer in order to be one. 


Because singing is 90% mental, and only 10% talent.

I’m serious! 

I know that might be hard to believe, and I’ll explain why in a moment. But first let me know if this sounds familiar…

  • Are you too nervous or scared to sing loudly in case someone hears you?
  • Do you get anxious your voice will crack during a performance? 
  • Have you ever wondered if your friends and family only smile and clap because they’re trying to be nice?
  • Or do you outright feel discouraged and don’t sing as much as you used to (or at all)?

Those are some of the most common doubts I hear after having taught thousands of students over the decades. 

But it’s important to remember what those are – doubts. 

So Many Singers Get Told By Family, Friends Or Teachers They Can’t Sing.

See, many singers get told by their family, friends or teachers that they can’t sing. 

You’re told to get real, or that you’re not born a singer, and that singing as a future in whatever shape or form, just isn’t realistic. You’re told to do something else.

This leaves a lot of singers feeling inadequate and voiceless. Why? Because of OTHER people’s doubts. And that’s not fair. 

Because the reality is, these are THEIR doubts. 

They don’t have to be yours. 

Hi, I’m Tara Simon. I’m a Celebrity Vocal Coach, an X Factor Finalist, YouTube Creator and award-winning singer-songwriter Broadway star. 

And I want to show you how you can: 

  • Stop singing flat and start hitting notes smoothly and accurately 
  • Get a strong, beautiful, flexible voice by expanding your range, perfecting pitch accuracy, belting with power, and harnessing vocal control & dynamics 
  • Start feeling confident by finding your unique voice instead of feeling inadequate and voiceless…Because you’re not. The world deserves to hear you. 
  • And so much more!

All it takes is 30 minutes a day over 8 weeks with me, where I will be your vocal coach every step of the way.


“When I came to Tara, I had a lot of trouble with my belt. Tara helped me develop my belt voice in addition to fine tuning other elements of my singing!” ~ Angelica Hale


“Training is so important if you’re looking to fine tuning your performances. I’ve loved training with Tara for years!” ~ Loren Lott



“I knew I needed a competitive edge in order to stand out for my audition. So I started training with Tara Simon Studios. Prepping under this amazing training is EXACTLY what made me shine! Thank you TSS!” ~ Victoria McQueen

Singing is 90% Mental, And Only 10% Talent

Singing Is 90% Mental, And Only 10% Talent.


Most instructors cover the physical basis of proper vocal production. But to become a better singer you MUST also nurture and train the emotions behind your voice. These emotions and self belief are so vital in the production of a consistently beautiful voice. 

The reality is you can’t succeed without both of these components…

Until today. 

I’m proud to introduce you to:


Sing Like a Superstar is an 8 week vocal program where I show you step by step how to sing smoothly, powerfully and confidently. You get to become a better singer in just 30 minutes a day (That’s just an episode of Netflix per day!). 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new singer or consider yourself experienced. If you’re looking to fulfill your singing dreams by becoming a better singer…

If you’re looking to stop singing flat, start belting with power and feel confident on stage…

This course is tailored exactly for singers like you. 

Just take a look at what some of my past students have to say:

The reality is not everyone can afford private lessons. And that shouldn’t be the reason why some singers go on to finding their unique voice and fulfilling their dreams…

While others have a harder time doing the same. 

It’s how this course was born. And why it isn’t priced nowhere near as a private lesson would be. 

You have two choices here. You can continue on the path you’re currently on, not knowing if you’re on pitch or what register you’re singing in… 

And continue struggling to hit the notes you KNOW you can sing…

Or you can get rid of the doubt. You can feel confident every time you share your voice. Because you know you have the tools and the training to sing beautifully and powerfully. 

YOU can fulfill your singing dreams. 

So many people think you have to be born a singer to be one. That it’s strictly an innate, natural talent. But I’m here to tell you this isn’t the case. If anything it’s flat out wrong. 

Singing is NOT something you’re born with. With the right training and belief it’s something anyone can learn, even if friends, family or teachers have told you otherwise. 

You need someone that will nurture you, that will believe in you until the day you believe in yourself (because I guarantee you, that will happen!). 

And I can show you how, every step of the way. 


See you inside!


Who is Tara Simon?

Tara’s Youtube reactions have skyrocketed her into worldwide exposure. Knocking at 1 million subscribers and over 121 million views, she is easily one of the most sought after vocal coaches in the world. As an X-Factor finalist, she’s leveraged her experience in reality TV to help her vocal students eclipse even her own success in the arena of vocal competitions! Because of global demand, Tara has rolled out multiple groundbreaking digital courses based on her innovative vocal methodology “Sing Like a Superstar”, designed for singers at any level on their vocal journey, anywhere in the world.

Let’s Do This!

I believe in you!

  • Belt with power
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Perfect your pitch accuracy
  • Build your flexibility and stamina
  • Improve your chest voice, head voice and mix
  • Become fearless about sharing your voice with the world!

What Should You Expect?

✰ 56 Video Lessons

Every single day for 8 weeks, Tara sends you a brand-new video lesson. Watch and learn at your own pace!

✰ 30+ Vocal Exercises

Not only will you learn 30 of Tara Simon’s proprietary vocal exercises, but you’ll also have audio backing tracks to assist you practicing them!

✰ After You Finish, You’ll Have a Perfected, Performance-Ready Song!

By the end of the course, you will have used all of Tara’s guidance and tools to not only choose the perfect song for you, but also to polish that song until it’s ready to be proudly performed on any stage!

What You Get…

20 Hours of Instruction from Tara ($40,000 value)

To work with Tara directly, one on one, her rate is $1,000 for 30 minutes.

Audio Backing Tracks ($1,000 value)

You’ll have audio recordings to practice every vocal exercise I give you!

Daily Practice Guide ($500 value)

Don’t worry! I’m going to let you know exactly what to practice and for how long each day.

A Performance Ready Song! (PRICELESS!)

I’m going to help you choose the perfect song for your voice, and walk you step-by-step through polishing it until it’s shiny enough for any stage!


Total value: $43,000+

You Get It All for Only $247!

*Does not include 1 on 1 email support with a coach

Inside The Program

Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside Sing Like a Superstar!

Day 1



(1) Welcome to Sing Like a Superstar


The Why


The Before


Catch Phrase: Singing is 90% mental & 10% talent.

week 1

Singing is 90% mental & 10% talent


(2) Singers Stance | Identifying Chest voice, Assessing Chest Range Assessment – “Ze Zah Ze and Mum Mum Mum”


(3) Head Range Assessment | How To Practice


(4) Know Your Lane and Be True To It


(5) Vocal Game Plan | Song Memorization Secrets


(6) Puppet Head On a String


(7) Front, Side, Back Breath Practice: Like You’re Mid Section Is A Tire, Fill It Up All The Way Around. Try To Feel Even Your Back Expand With Breath.


“H’s” are to your voice as a pillow is to your head


(8) Pillsbury Dough Boy Analogy | Contraction Of The Abs Needed To Support Sound Created When Singing


(9) Vocal Exercise | Ze Zah Ze, Mum Mum, Ha Ha Ha


(10) Vocal Exercise | Ha Ha Ha Variable 1 & 2


(11) Song Style | Change 2 Notes In Your Song | Add One Crescendo And One Decrescendo | Who Are You Singing This To And Why?


(12) Definition Of A Glottal Attack: The Action Of The Vocal Folds Slamming Together Quickly And Forcefully Before Sound Begins, Causing An Increase In Muscular Tension In The Laryngeal Area.


(13) “ABC” Breathing Exercise


(14) Hissss Exercise

Week 3

Deep then Wide | Vertical then Horizontal


(15) Crunch Assignment | Song Challenge: Add This Run 3 Places In Your Song


(16) Silent Scream | Hey Nahw Vocal Exercise


(17) Unhinging The Jaw | Wooooow Vocal Exercise


(18) Eyebrows Up! The Whole Face Must Be Opened, Not Just The Mouth | Eee Eeee Yah Ha Ha Vocal Exercise


(19) Upside Down Triangle: Raise Those Cheekbones | Brightening Vowels Acapella: Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh, Oo Vocal Exercise


(20) High Light Bright Vs. Low Deep Think | Low Range Assessment | We We We Vocal Exercise


(21) Non Phonateable VS Semi Phonateable Consonants

Week 4

THink it before you sing it


(22) Song Challenge & Check In | Adding a Vocal Cry


(23) Pitch Accuracy | How Do You Know You Are Singing On Pitch?


(24) Practicing Pitch: Semitones And Centeredness Of Pitch | 2 Note Toggle


(25) 3 Note Toggle


(26) 5 Note Toggle


(27) 6 Note Toggle


(28) Sharp/Flat Quiz

Week 5

Any extreme note high or low needs more space and support


(29) Review and compare everything: High Chest Range, High Head Range, Low Chest Range, ABC repetitions, Hiss seconds, Balloon Circumference, Crunch numbers, Sharp/Flat quit Quiz Scores


(30) Belt Placement: Feel it where you speak. Chest resonance (placed where you shout “Hey!”) | Understanding Strain: What is it, where does it come from and what does it look and sound like? | • The “Hey” hack: Shout “Hey” on the pitch you are trying to reach in chest. Once you hit it there, duplicate the same feeling and placement into the actual note and vowel desired.


(31) Neh Neh Neh 2 Ways: Belt Only, Then Belt Into Mix


(32) Abs: Plank/Pilates Lean | Apply this technique To Your Song and Any Exercise You Find To Be Most Difficult


(33) Dynamics In Chest: Now That You Truly Know What 100% Ab Engagement Sounds Like, Lets Put It To Work! | Vocal Bloom Exercise


(34) Painting The Rainbow: How To Sustain Power Notes


(35) Tricking Your Voice: Take The Hardest Part Of Your Song, And Extend That Hard Note Even Longer Than It Needs. Get Yourself Used To That And When You Go Back To The Original, You Will Have Tricked Yourself Into That Being Easier.

week 6

Bump Set Spike


(36) Song Check In Time! List 3 Things You Are Noticing Improvement On In The Vocal Delivery Of Your Song. Then List 3 Things You Are Noticing You Are Emotionally Improving On In Your Song. Now List The Top 3 Things You Would Like To Improve Upon In Your Song. Based On The Three Things You Listed To Improve Upon, What Technic Or Technics Have We Learned So Far That You Can Use As Tools To Create That Improvement?


(37) Body Check In: Be Sure When Moving Through A Lot Of Range At Once You Are Remembering Your Technic And Not Allowing Uninvited Body Parts Such As The Chin, Neck, Shoulders And Chest To Assist In Getting You To Your Desired Note. These Are All Forms Of Improper Technic And Will Eventually And At Times Even Immediately Lead To Strain. | Introduce The Wall Hack


(38) Ee Oh Ah Ah Ah Ahhhhh | Vocal Exercise


(39) Ahpples Ahnd Bahnahnahs | Vocal Exercise


(40) Dynamic Aaah | Vocal Exercise


(41) 9,999 Nuns | Vocal Exercise


(42) Me Mi Me Full Up

Week 7

Sing To The Corners


(43) Song Challenge: Print Out The Lyrics Of Your Song. Circle The Parts You Feel Are Challenge Spots For You And Put A Check Mark Next To The Parts You Feel More Confident In. Record Yourself Singing The Parts You Circled And Take Notes On What You Don’t Like And Why. Break That Section Down Into Single Phrases And Focus Fixing Each Phrase Line-By-Line. Once You Feel A Sense Of Improvement, You Can Tie Them Back Together One At A Time. Ex: Shallow Chorus


(44) Head Voice Placement | Who Who Who Exercise


(45) Covering | Halo Exercise


(46) Re-Visit Your “Why” Statement Paper From The First Week


(47) • Head Voice Articulation | Ee Ee Ya Ha Ha Ha Ha Vocal Exercise


(48) Top To Bottom Smoothness | Ha-Le-Lu-Jah Vocal Exercise


(49) Expanding And Stretching Head Range | Double Vocal Arpeggiation

week 8

I Am A Vocal Athlete. I Sing With Confidence. I Deserve To Be Heard.


(50) Song Challenge: Perform Your Song 2 Times In A Row To Prep You For Your Final Performance Recording


(51) Vocal Health | Head And Neck Massage Technique


(52) Daily Maintenance For Your Voice | Min Of 3 Exercises Per Day, No More Than 5. Rotate Out The Exercises As Desired.


(53) Daily Fluids To Take


(54) Vocal Therapy Exercise | Lip Trill


(55) Progress Check In


(56) Actionable Game Plan For Moving Forward


Vocal Health: Maintenance And Singing Through Sickness


BONUS: Vocal Health Secrets