Emma Bogren

Emma is a singer, pianist and entertainer from Piteå in the northern part of Sweden. She grew up in a musically family with both her parents being musicians and she was surrounded by music all the time. She knew early on that she wanted to sing and play music and joined choirs from a very young age.
She studied music through middle school aswell as high school and then went on to study gospel music and piano at college in the north and middle part of Sweden.
Emma’s been playing venues and shows for over 20 years and is known for her presence on stage and the ability to sing almost anything. On top of this she’s also been conducting choirs for 15 years. Gospel music holds a special place in her heart.
When Will Todds ”Passion music” was performed for the first time in Sweden Emma was the solo vocalist.

In her younger years Emma wrote songs and started to work in the studio. On the later years she has been working in the studio, making choir arrangements and doing the backing vocals for local artist.

She has also been working as a background singer with many big Swedish artist including Chris Kläfford.

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