One of the most common questions asked is “how do I sing better?” In this tutorial, Coach Tara and Coach Sharmayne share an exercise designed to improve your voice in three ways. If done daily, this one exercise can increase your range, help you transition between registers, and increase your breath capacity.

Lip Trill with Modulation

The exercise can be done as either a lip trill or tongue trill (examples given in the video). As you follow along, remember these important tips:

  • Take low, deep breaths
  • Raise your eyebrows as you go higher
  • Keep energy in your face
  • Squeeze the abs as you continue to go higher
  • Pretend you’re throwing a ball away if you’re struggling to reach the top note

This is a great exercise to show how singing is a full body experience. Do this exercise for 5 minutes, 5 days a week and you will see amazing results in your voice. 

Beyond this exercise, you can also utilize the lip trill whenever you have a challenging part of a song. Take away the words, lip trill the melody until you feel more confident, and then insert the words in again.

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