Who doesn’t love a little vanilla flavoring when it comes to cake and ice cream, but you know where we don’t want to have it? That’s right, in your singing style! Vanilla singing can sound robotic, bland, and lacking in style. If you’ve suffered from this and wondered how other singers are able to bring so much flavor to their voices, we’ve got the perfect technique for you called text painting.

What is Text Painting?

Text painting is often used cinematically where the underlying instrumental music is used to match visually what is happening on the screen. We apply this same process to what we are singing, really thinking about the words being sung. 

As you break down the lyrics of the song, ask yourself, “What is the text saying, and how do I interpret that in how I should be singing?” For example, if a song has the lyrics, “Like a stream in the valley,” your vocals should sonically match these words by being a little softer and flowy rather than belting and boisterous. 

In short, text painting is basing your vocal interpretation off of lyrical interpretation.

The Cross Check Hack

If you’re uncertain whether you’re applying text painting correctly, you can use the cross check hack to see if your vocals and the lyrics are aligned. For the cross check hack, listen to the melody or the instrumentation happening underneath and then cross reference that to the lyrics. If your vocal interpretation lines up with the lyrics and the instrumentation, you know you’re making the right decision.

With text painting, you’ll be able to revolutionize and change the way you perform your songs. A perfect way to add vocal flavor to your songs while saving the vanilla for your favorite desserts.

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