Facial and neck massage to loosen tendons and joints from the jaw to the clavical and improves blood flow. Your voice will feel lighter and brighter (even when talking) immediately after this exercise! 


  1. Take two fingers on temples and move in a clockwise motion for 15 seconds
  2. Move slowly down one finger length at a time from the temples toward the chewing muscle 
  3. Then, continue the motion lower to the jaw line and toward the chin
  4. As you get closer to the chin you’ll feel more bone and gum in the massage
  5. If you’re doing this yourself, use your thumb to massage the chin and lower lip


  1. Go underneath the jaw toward the sides and massage the glands and lymph nodes (if they feel hard or enlarged, that makes sense if you’re sick)
  2. Move toward the chin staying underneath you may even feel your tongue moving “up” in your mouth
  3. Make a pinching motion under the ear down the neck until you get the point where your neck tendon meets the clavicle (the bony part of your upper chest)


  1. Massage back of neck with thumbs
  2. Be gentle, but with two fingers rub up and down really fast on either side of the larnyx and then over the larynx (center) as well

This is a great quick fix for singers to help you sing when sick! Have you tried the vocal massage? Let us know how it worked for you!