In the first tutorial video, coach Jeremy and coach Nikki join Tara to teach how to sing harmony parts. Tara LOVES harmonies and considers herself a “harmony junkie” so she’s excited to discuss this topic and hopeful that this tutorial can help you sing harmony parts more easily.

To understand harmonies, you need to know some basics of music theory. For example, when Tara plays a G chord on the piano, there are three notes that make up the chord. We call those notes the 1, 3, and 5 notes. Singing these three notes together will create a perfect basic harmony. Training your ear to hear the interval changes between the chord is an important aspect of practicing and honing in on harmonies.

In this video tutorial, Tara also describes some more complex harmony styles with dissonance using what Tara calls “crunchy chords.” The key to getting this right is PRACTICING. In the second video (“4 Part Harmonies”), the coaches demonstrate how to sing four part harmonies with finesse.