Once you’ve mastered the basics, how do you go from being an okay singer to one who really stands out? In this tutorial, Coach Tara breaks down an original song of Coach Nikki’s to demonstrate techniques you can implement into your singing to take you from good to great.

It’s All About the Dynamics

Swells: Adding swells in key parts of the song is the first dynamic element to elevate your song. The ebb and flow of the louder and hushed tones draws the listener in, keeping them on the edge of their seat.

Vocal cries: Another emotive technique is adding vocal cries to convey the pain and agony of what’s being sung. You will likely find your body responding with matching facial expressions as well.

Recapitulation: This is a developmental repeat that differs each time to emphasize a greater attachment to the lyric being sung.

Other goodies: Registerical flips, runs, tempo changes, and tonal differences are other colorful additions you can use to bring life to a song.

Proper placement of the dynamics is just as important as the dynamics themselves. If you want help with vocal mapping a song, email info@tarasimonstudios.com to take your performance from good to great!

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