Destroying the perfect. That is the secret sauce in moving a song being sung well into the realm of greatness. In this tutorial, Coach Tara and Coach Sharmayne demonstrate how to elevate a classic Christmas song from good to great by applying just a couple quick tips that you can use to bring the wow factor to any song you are singing.

The Why

The first thing you want to do is think about the purpose behind the song. Why was the song written in the first place? It’s not just lyrics and melody; really lean into the message the song is trying to convey. Doing this will connect you more to the song, allowing the words being sung to blossom in your voice.

Peaks and Valleys

While still focusing on “why” you are singing, the next step is to be more intentional in “how” you are delivering the melodic line. Concentrate on the peaks and valleys throughout the phrasing to add emphasis in certain parts while backing off and under-exaggerating other areas. Include emotional elements like hushed tones, crescendos, falling off certain notes, bigness and boldness to add beautiful dynamics to the song.

The Result

Precision of pitch, good vibrato, and being technically sound are all fine, but no one wants to achieve “okayness” when performing. Bringing in new elements within your voice and moving into new areas of discovery can feel a little risky. It takes a bit of courage to swell or articulate a word you wouldn’t normally have spoken or sung in that way, but as you take that leap of faith in destroying the perfect, you will find yourself singing with more emotion, with more connection, and more worthy of the listener’s ear.

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