A steady beat is one of the base concepts that all music is built on. It’s the pulse of the song and provides the flow and rate at which you should sing. In fact, staying on the beat while singing is one of the essential pillars needed to be a good singer. If this is an area of struggle for you, Coach Tara and Coach Jeremie have the perfect exercise to help you improve.

Music Muting

Step 1: Select a song to sing to along to that you know and love. Do the exercise with the singer first and then move to an instrumental track later for an added level of difficulty.

Step 2: As you sing the song, tap your chest to gain a physical feel of the beat.

Step 3: Pick a spot in the song to mute while you continue singing and tapping. If done correctly, you will be right on track with the music when it’s added back in. If you’re having difficulty staying on beat, use a metronome to help keep the beat when the music is muted. 

Step 4: Lengthen the amount of time the music is muted. See if you can sing half the song without music or alternate between the verse with music and the chorus without or do a combination of the chorus and bridge without the music. The more you practice, the more you will develop an acute sense of timing with the songs you are singing.

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