Tara Simon Studios is a performing arts center in Atlanta transforming talented performers into confident working professionals. We offer private & group classes for piano lessons, vocal coaching, acting classes, singing lessons, audition preparation & much more.


Our coaches are well-rounded, business-savvy, working professionals that will provide you with professional & proven techniques to transform your unique talents into a rewarding career.


We provide beginner to advanced study in all areas of the performing arts. We offer discounts for families enrolling multiple children and there are no annual contract obligations. More Info


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We offer beginner to advanced lessons in all areas of the performing arts. Our talented staff & vocal coaches will help you improve your techniques and build your confidence. If you have the talent and ambition, TSS will provide you with the skills to reach your full artistic potential.

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  • I am an adult vocal student and after years of training and experience and still lacking certain areas of ability, I have found THE MAGIC BEAN to your goals! Although I’ve always understood where I was and where I needed to be, I’ve never known exactly what to do to bridge that gap. For example, my heart goal is to be a jazz singer. Now to do that you have to have a complete instrument. An instrument that does your bidding …at will…in the moment. Now, I can sing, but I have never been able to have the mask/forward placement I need in order to bridge the transitions between all the different “voices” (i,e, chest, mix and head) thereby growing my range, tone, texture and color to express myself fully through one continuous 3-1/2 to 4 octave voice. Well, let me tell you, Tara Simon will determine where you are verses where you want to go and customize exercises to gradually….step by step….grow your instrument and master it to do exactly what you want it to do.

    — Teresa.
  • My daughter is 5 years old and we have been working with Amy for about 4 months now. We just love it! Amy is super warm and friendly to my daughter and singing has become her favorite activity. She loves how she is learning to sing, and even learning routines to do with the song which is making her feel like a true performer. The owner Tara seems very involved and makes an effort to check in from time to time to see how things are going which I appreciate. Love the convenient location too. Overall a great experience!

    Shayla Wingfield
  • My daughter (age 9) has been taking vocal and piano lessons for four years with another local company. We decided, after less than stellar progress, a drop in enthusiasm and all around lack of coaching, to make a switch to Tara Simon Studios. The growth in our daughter after three months with Tara is significant. Not only has she grown performance wise, but her enthusiasm is back and her confidence has doubled. Most importantly, she is having FUN doing what she loves with an instructor who knows exactly how to get the best out of her. We are completely thrilled!

    Jennifer Healey
  • A few months ago I stood aghast… just utter horror… For the first time in my life – I recorded myself singing. Let me first apologize to my wife of 6 years. Baby – now I KNOW you love me. And to all my friends who had the unfortunate presence around me during one of the many sing-a-long performances of my life – I do apologize. So, in short, children cried at my pitch and Amy Dixon had her work cut out for her. Amy of Tara Simon Studios has been a great voice coach. It takes quite a lot of patience to work with such a deep southern drawl. Amy has been super supportive along the way and she breaks things down in a way that really help connect the points for me. I’m five weeks in and there has already been a MASSIVE improvement. I’m not busting out Pavarotti style…. just yet! Soon they will be tears of joy from my audience. In all seriousness, I can’t recommend the team at Tara Simon studios more highly. They are excellent at their craft and I can guarantee you’ll see marked improvement.

    Charles Lumpkin
  • I have been working with David Silverman for about three months, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the studio! David is a professional with the knowledge and knowhow from which any aspiring actor on any level can benefit. It’s easy to contact the studio. It’s easy to pay for sessions. All-in-all a great experience!

    Allison Mashburn
  • Tara Simon is an INCREDIBLE teacher! She really knows her stuff! My daughter has grown by leaps and bounds under her guidance. Tara targets her every weakness and gives her the tools she needs to improve, yet does so in such a positive, encouraging way! In just a year and a half, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my daughter’s tone, range, flexibility, vibrato, musicality, stage presence, and much more! I love the way that Tara teaches Broadway, pop, and classical singing. She follows my daughter’s lead on where she wants to go with her singing, and takes her there! Tara also helps my daughter find professional theatre, singing, and other opportunities. Through Tara’s guidance, she landed a principal role in a professional production! Tara also helped us navigate the waters of professional theatre and gave us insider tips on how to stand out at the audition, whether being a part of a union was advantageous, and much more. My daughter couldn’t have landed the role without her help! I am also impressed with the showcases throughout the year. All of the students perform with such poise and confidence, because Tara and the other instructors teach them so much about stage presence, holding a mic properly, and so much more. They are really enjoyable, and it’s exciting to see how rapidly the students grow over the course of a few months! I highly, highly recommend Tara Simon Studios!

    — Laura R.
  • The team at TSS is AWESOME. Tara along with her team provide a wonderful environment for Briani and Meghan to develop their artistic talents. The summer camp provided a wealth of education that was demonstrated during the showcase. I HIGHLY recommend TSS for families and individuals who are looking to enhance their artistic talents. You won’t find a better studio!

    Chelle Mack
  • It is a privilege and an honor to be a Tara Simon Studios student. Tara’s obvious performance talent is matched by her gift as a teacher. I started with Tara 3 years ago as an absolute beginner piano student, with nary a note of music capability explored, much less an iota of music theory knowledge. Tara was as eager and willing to take my humble starting place, delighting in my baby steps of progress, which were likely even slower for an adult student! Tara’s insistence on accuracy/ tempo/attitude/professionalism prevailed, regardless of my level of piano skill. The studio policies and processes are as impeccable as the music training; Tara and her staff are on time and devoted to their students. The performance showcases are an outstanding aspect of TSS teaching, where the student learns from the stage as well as at lesson time. I am happy to say that there are numerous songs from several favorite composers that I can play, thanks to Tara and TSS. For anyone considering lessons from TSS, hurry! It is a gift for you.

    — D Simmer
  • Heather Statham is an amazing presence and influence in our 11-year-old daughter’s life. We met her through a summer music camp experience and my daughter, who was interested in singing but rather shy about it, fell in love with Heather. We started vocal lessons with Heather at Tara Simon Studios shortly thereafter just to give our girl a little boost in her vocal power and see if she liked it. We thought we’d try it for a while and be done with it. Little did we know, a year later we’d have a daughter with a powerful and confident voice, and who transformed from a nervous, shy, girl frightened of the stage to someone who loves to perform and does so with joy and confidence. Heather approaches students with a perfect blend of humor, supportive coaching and tough love with a BIG dose of boisterous and happy vibes, and she makes them want to excel. We feel so blessed to have Heather in our lives, for all the positive influences she has on our daughter. I highly recommend her not only for students who’ve long been seriously involved in vocal arts, but also for those who are looking to get their wings. She has the right touch to bring out the best in all students.

    — Jill Meiser.

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