Hey Tara! Let’s jump right in. Not only do you run an amazing successful music studio – you are a very talented musician yourself. Tell us how you got started in music?

I started singing on stage since I was 3 years old. My first ever performance was at my church, and I still remember to this day being up there singing, how it felt, and how (even then) I knew music was going to be my life.  I sang regularly for many high profile events locally growing up, attended a prestigious performing arts high school (Dreyfoos School of the Arts), won best vocalist in state, and moved to NYC the day I turned 18 to attend a performing arts college and audition for Broadway. Less than a year later I found myself as the lead role in the European tour of the Broadway musical “Fame”. Everything really started snowballing for me after that.

When did you know music was going to be something you were going to pursue full time?

I was 3. No joke, I was 3 years old. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was singing in a little quartet with other little girls on a green carpet stage at my church and I was singing a song called “That’s the Love of God”. I remember looking out past the congregation and up at the beautiful stained glass cross in the back of the room and as I was singing I distinctly remember saying to myself, “This is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life”. And so I did.

Tell us all about Tara Simon Studios!

Tara Simon Studios is the highest rated performing arts studio offering voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, songwriting lessons, artist development, Industry Consulting and more.  Our professional coaches are active in the industry, devoted to helping you reach your full artistic potential.  At Tara Simon Studios, you’ll learn how to improve every aspect of your artistic ability from well-rounded, business savvy, working professionals. With our one-on-one training and private lessons at our studio or online, you’ll receive the direction you need to transform your unique talents into a rewarding career.  We offer lessons for all ages and experience levels, from professional singers to beginners, and our coaching techniques are highly sought-after. Whether you’re looking to increase your vocal range, channel your inner classical pianist, or take tips from an experienced vocal coach, we have the education and tools to tailor your training to your specific goals.  We take our training very seriously, and clients trust Tara Simon Studios to lead them in the right direction to make sure their performance is at optimal level. If you want to work with Tara Simon Studios for private piano lessons, voice lessons, studio recording, songwriting or any other artistic development, contact our team today.  We love what we do, and we know you will, too!

You have so many plates spinning with your studio and YouTube and classes. Tell us how you balance it all and feel like everything gets the attention that it needs – including yourself!

HA! Finding time and balance is constantly eluding me. I really try hard to have a “me day” one day per week. Realistically (if it even happens at all) it ends up being a “me couple of hours”… but I take what I can get. I do have 2 nonnegotiables each day: I work out every morning 5 days per week, and from 5pm until he is asleep, I go into mommy mode.  I put away my phone and any other distractions and make those hours all about my son. It is etched into my schedule and routine and I consider that “me time” as well. Luckily, I freaking LOVE what I do, so I do consider it fun and find so much joy in it. (Which is really convenient cause I’m always working!). On the rare occasion I have a night free, you will find me salsa dancing somewhere, anywhere. I LOVE salsa dancing! Like…if I lost my voice tomorrow I would become a professional salsa dancer. (No Joke!)

We love that you have made music lessons so accessible to everyone with online classes. How important was that to you?

It’s everything to me for a few reasons:

The vast reach we now have thanks to technology allows us to not be sequestered to geography.

We are keeping up with the changing times of how services are rendered. It seems the trend in most industries is online servic

It allows me to be influenced as a coach by worldwide vocal issues that singers are faced with, which makes us at Tara Simon Studios much more powerful and effective as coaches

What advice would you give someone that maybe nervous to do the online vocal lessons?

Simply this: The proof is in the pudding. Read our testimonials, listen to our singers and their success stories, pay attention to reviews. There are a lot of counterfeit coaches out there i am sorry to say. But if you do your research, the cream will always rise to the top. And we will be right there waiting for you.

Anything else you would like to share?

Find out what you love to do. Work at that tirelessly. Find a way to make money at it, and you’ll never really work a day in your life.

Tell us where can someone sign up for a class?

If you want to work with Tara Simon Studios for private piano lessons, voice lessons, studio recording, songwriting or any other artistic development, contact our team today.  If you are interesed in the 8 week course, check out the 3 SECRETS to singing that nobody is talking about!

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