One of the most common issues singers have is singing “flat.” Singing flat occurs when you are singing a note lower in pitch than the note intended. Coach Sharmayne demonstrates what singing flat sounds like in the video below. If you’re struggling with singing flat, here are 3 things to try…

Tip #1 – Sing with a more open mouth position

Often times, if you’re struggling with singing flat, you may be singing with a narrow mouth position. Try opening up and singing with a more open mouth position to see if this helps correct your pitch issues. For each of these tips, we recommend recording yourself to see how you’re progressing!

Tip #2 – Use your core

Instead of pulling your power from the throat and neck, you’ll want to make sure that your sound is generated from the core. You should be physically engaging your abdomen! Try standing up with good posture and your hands over your abdomen to ensure you’re engaging your core for proper support.

Tip #3 – Roll off your vowels gently

Sometimes when coming off a vowel and into a consonant singers will struggle with pitch. Instead of firmly pronouncing the consonant, try maintaining an open mouth position and using your lips to softly introduce the consonant at the end of the word.

If you’re still struggling, you may be singing a song that is out of your vocal range. You can adjust the key of the song to better fit your voice OR work on expanding your range.