Have you ever struggled with a big money note only to find yourself crashing and burning and feeling defeated? Coach Tara and Coach Jeremie take you step-by-step through an exercise called “voice pulling” that will help you expand your range and nail that big note with confidence!

What is “Voice Pulling?”

We came up with the name “voice pulling” because it reminded us of the taffy pulling process when a concentrated log is put on hooks and stretched out as air is pulled through. In this exercise, we pull your voice through the hardest part of the song, stretching it even further than where the song asks you to go in order to make that pesky note much easier to hit.

The Process

You’re going to pull out the trouble spot in the song and work on just that part over and over. Begin singing the section a major third below the top note, working your way up the scale one half step at a time. Your goal is to voice pull until you reach a half step or semitone above the highest note. If you can go beyond the original note, it’s going to give you an extra sense of comfort and relaxation when it’s inserted back into the song because you now know you’re capable of hitting it.

Pro tip: As you work your way up on the scale, don’t forget to drop that jaw for extra space when singing that high note!

Once you’ve mastered the voice pulling, you’ll be ready to sing with confidence and can now start adding style to your notes for that extra sparkle to your sound.

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