What’s up, Tarabytes! In this video, Tara and coach Sharmayne discuss tips & tricks to avoid vocal strain. Vocal strain can be a challenge for performers, especially for those who perform frequently or for lengthy performances. Space & support are key to avoiding strain issues.

While many of you may have heard the phrase “sing like you speak”, that’s not necessarily a good piece of advice when it comes to creating space required for singing. When we speak, our mouths don’t open very wide; When we sing, we have to create more space to deliver those high notes without experiencing vocal strain. So, the thought of “singing like we shout” may be a better phrase to keep in mind. Creating more space requires changing the integrity of our vowels. To accomplish this, try dropping your jaw when delivering the vowel on those high notes! This will change the way the word sounds, but it is a key aspect of properly delivering high notes while eliminating vocal strain.

Watch the video below, try this at home, and let us know if you have any questions!