“How do I sing on pitch” is one of the most searched topics on YouTube for singers. Pitchiness is a thorn in any singer’s side, not just beginners. Even working pros can struggle with connecting notes or not quite reaching that high or low note. In this tutorial, Coach Tara and Coach Nikki share two free apps they have found useful lessons.

Tone Deaf Test

This app will run you through a series of questions and will give you a tone deaf score in the end. Only three to five percent of the world’s population is clinically tone deaf, so it is highly unlikely you will fall in this category. 

It’s so important to get over this mindset since so many people try to convince themselves (and coaches) that it’s impossible for them to sing on key. But you are able! Once you get rid of your limiting belief, you’ll be amazed with the results!

TSS reminder: Singing is 90% mental, 10% talent.

Pitch – Tuner & Metronome

A note of caution: this app is made for perfection, so don’t get discouraged if you miss the note. It’s simply meant to give you a visual representation of what you are hearing sonically while learning what it feels like anatomically when you calibrate your voice.

TSS reminder: Practice makes awesome.

Don’t forget to keep doing those all-important warm-up exercises. This will help you get in-tune with certain registers and notes, making the art of calibration much easier.

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