In this tutorial, Tara Simon and Coach Cat teach how to “eek out” that one more 1/2 step of range when you feel like your voice is going to fail. What does that failure moment feel like? It’s when you are getting to the end of your range and you pass your level of comfort, you begin to second-guess yourself, pull your chin inwards, and strain backwards. Coaches Tara and Cat provide a few tips on how to deepen your range.


KEY – The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is that any extreme note (high or low) must have SPACE and SUPPORT. Two steps to achieve this:


#1 – Think of an AC/Heater Unit

Your voice likes opposition just like how in the winter you turn on the heater and in the summer you turn on the AC. When you start to get low – point up, raise your eyebrows, raise your cheekbones, and create a forward sense of placement of your sound. Think of an upward and arching line from your mouth/chin.


#2 – Say this Phrase

When you start to get low to the point where you feel you are going to fail, say to yourself, “High, Light, Bright” Keep your facial expressions smiling and bright while pulling your chin away from your chest.

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