A commonly searched question on YouTube is “how do I sing better?” It seems like a pretty simple question, but it can be difficult to execute on your own which is why vocal coaches exist. In this tutorial, Coach Tara impersonates a typical mainstream singer with Coach Jeremie providing instruction on how to go from good to great.


One of the first areas to focus on in becoming a better singer is adding musicality to your singing. Pitch and timing are baseline necessities, but will lack the wow factor if there aren’t any dynamics beyond that. Begin with phrasing to punctuate sentences as you raise and lower the volume of your singing to create hills and valleys to the flow of the song.


Vibrato is another necessary step in adding dynamic to your singing. A key to adding vibrato effortlessly to your singing is simply to relax. Mixing vibrato with straight-tone singing keeps the listener interested and elevates you above “okay” singers.

Emotional Commitment

The most important thing you need above all else is emotional commitment to what you are singing. If you can connect to a song and make your listeners feel something, you will automatically become a better singer even if you are missing some of the other elements previously mentioned.

While improving technique is important, emotional commitment is the key to reaching the greatest potential as a singer, and quite honestly, is what keeps you connected to why you became a singer in the first place.

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