Today, we’re talking about how to grow and increase your vocal range!

Step 1 – Stop neglecting your registers

There are three registers. You need to practice using them all! When practicing, work from lowest note to highest note and don’t skip notes in between.

Step 2 – Make improvements 1% at a time

Your goal might be to sing a specific note, a specific song, or notes in range you can’t yet sing. Instead of trying to learn the highest note first, work on making incremental improvements! Find the highest note you can currently sing, and work on practicing one note higher. If you can currently hit A, work until you can hit the A-sharp. Perform exercises with open mouth and forwardly placed vowels in your belt voice when practicing this step by using space and support. Improving little by little is the key to improving with most skills and singing is no different. Over time, you’ll make incredible progress!

Step 3 – Choose the right song

As with step 2, make sure you’re practicing songs that reflect the notes/range that you’re currently working on. If the song you’re practicing is too high for your current skill level, see if you can change the key on the instrument (piano or guitar) OR download a karaoke version in the proper key (most sites allow you to change the key). If you’re doing this on your own acapella, that’s fine too, just find the note on your phone app or piano.

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