Range improvement can be thought of like stretching a rubber band. To expand it, you must continue creating tension and pulling your voice, otherwise it will remain tight. While range can be stretched in all registers, Coach Tara and Coach Sharmayne share two exercises designed to increase your chest voice range both on the upper end and the lower end.

Neh Neh Neh

This exercise focuses on expanding the upper end of your chest range. As you sing “neh, neh, neh,” keep your jaw isolated the whole time with only your tongue creating the necessary movement. As you go higher, widen your cheekbones to form an upside down triangle like a silent scream face. At the same time, be sure to squeeze those abdominal muscles because…

TSS rule: Any extreme note high or low must have more space and support.

Bwa Bwa Bwa

This next exercise focuses on the lower end of your range. Be sure to sing the double consonant quickly so you can immediately drop the jaw. This will help you stay on top of your pitch and not sink into your lows, keeping the resonance the whole time. Even though you will be going lower, the sound should remain nice and light and bright.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

You will find your voice making new sounds as you expand your range and enter the new unchartered territory. Don’t be discouraged. Those sounds will smoothen out as you continue to work and massage those areas. As you do, lean into what makes your voice unique and embrace those differences lovingly.

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