Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good singer? Where does one start? What elements should you focus on first? In this tutorial, Coach Tara answers these questions as she shares the first four key elements in order of importance to becoming a proficient singer.


Pitch is the degree of highness or lowness to a note. When a singer is flat, they are falling below the note versus when they are sharp and are above the note. Neither is pleasing to the ear, which is why being on pitch is the first and most important characteristic of a good voice.


The second most important characteristic is staying on time throughout a song. You will hear singers use vocal discernment to push the time forward or backward within certain parts of a song, which is allowable. But simply being off time by falling too far behind or rushing too far ahead of the tempo will not make for a great song. This is why pitch and timing are considered non-negotiables when it comes to good singing technique.


Range is the full spectrum of notes a voice is able to produce when starting from the bottommost note and reaching all the way to the uppermost note. Knowing your range is important so you can find songs that fit within your ability. But remember: range expansion is possible with proper guidance and practice.


Vibrato is a wave or an undulation of pitch with a slight variation from top to bottom of the through line of a straight tone. Using this in combination with straight tone is something we are accustomed to hearing and is the fourth characteristic you will find in all great singers.

Do an honest self-assessment and if you find there are one or more of these elements you need to improve, we are here to help! Be sure to check out all of our coaching options by visiting the link below.

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